Upon completion of purchase by consumer, customers will abide by the terms and conditions below:

  1. Do not place any trades yourself once you have given us the account details as it messes with the entire flow. Please understand once you do this without my permission, we have the right to terminate our agreement and still charge for the service.

  2. Each phase takes 30 days to pass as per every prop firm, so please do not ask us every day why we haven’t taken a trade or why we have won/lost a specific trade.

  3. Please do not purchase a swing account or an aggressive account as the leverage is too low for us to take multiple trades.

  4. Let us know exactly when you started your challenge and how many days you have remaining on it with precise dates.

  5. List if the account is in drawdown. If not applicable type N/A

  6. The fee is only refundable if I violate any of the rules of the challenge which rarely occur. (Not given due to broker failure)

  7. Also, we use EA to pass the challenges which is working since many months and we have passed many challenges using the same strategy. The EA is custom developed by our team and constantly being updated So you will see us taking many small lot size trades everyday on your account.

  8. Lastly, after buying the plan, send me a message on Telegram on this link: 

  9. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to send us an email at info@passftmofast.com or send us a message on Telegram.