Consumers should read all of the information carefully before making a purchase.
By agreeing to work with us and paying the service charge, you automatically accept all of the following terms and conditions.

Due to the very unpredictable nature of the financial markets and the fact that proprietary corporations have the last word on who gets financed and who doesn’t, no refunds can be given once the service fee is paid.

If a challenge is failed by us due to violating the rules set by the prop firm, you are entitled to receive a full 100% refund from us.

The refund will not be issued if we end the month in some profit without violating the rules of the prop firm, in other words if your account is eligible for free retry by the company where you have bought your challenge, then we will be happy to retry the challenge as many times as possible without any additional charges.

New account signups which are already in more than 5% drawdown are not eligible for any refunds if the account is failed at the end of the challenge. However, in such accounts you will get a free retry of our service on a new account of same size if we fail the challenge. Please keep in mind, accounts which are already in more than 5% drawdown are high risk accounts and as such we cannot guarantee the success of such accounts.