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In this plan, we will pass your 100k FTMO, MFF or any other evaluation based prop firm challenge.


72 reviews for 100K CHALLENGE

  1. collins907

    he did a very good job by passing my account. one of the best traders out there with good risk managment

  2. scot55

    they have a great Skill in trading, account passed in 2 trading weeks both phases, thank you

  3. finder5 CR Costa Rica

    wow this is amazing, he did a very great job that beyond my expectation, one of the pro trader out there

  4. martino

    great trader, I like his risk management. passed my 100k MFF in 3 weeks. recommended

  5. angele Maimi

    amazing trades guys, you guys killed it this week. 5 star rating well deserved.

  6. Gildas


  7. kawtlian SG Singapore

    I really like your strategy. You do not over trade and you seems know when breakouts are coming. I wish you much success. So many traders promised me the moon but you are the only trader who kept your promises and delivered beyond my expectations. Let’s continue to trade more accounts!

  8. james K

    massive profits on my live account already, its just been a week i summited my funded account to them and they are up 4%. am happy

  9. placy Uk

    best of the best prop firm service, pain 2 service and they failed my challenge. i just had to give this the last chance and it went well. getting more accounts

  10. richardracks

    He did very well as he promised I didn’t believe him until he passes all my accounts, he’s a great trader ever I recommend him to anyone looking to pass their challenges

  11. kingquatus

    great service, on the second challenge now with them and it’s going perfectly

  12. yanick LA

    they promise it was going to take 3 trading weeks to pass the challenge phase but ended up taking 5 weeks. but overall, it’s a good service i will recommend

  13. enok mick

    recommended, they are doing well. am funded and they are managing the live funded

  14. Tebit Alfred

    Thank God I met this guy the time I did because I had already lost 2 prop firm challenges and was about to give up trying before I got introduced to this platform and now I currently have a 50k FTMO live account which I manage and I made my first withrawal yesterday that’s why I want to take this time to recommend this guy to anyone who wants to win in this tricky game. I recommend you try him and see results within a short time

  15. Pass FTMO Masters

    Good services

  16. Prosper Nubia

    Best way possible to pass your prop firm challenge I have been struggling to pass my challenge for several months now. I kept hitting my daily drawdown limits until when I finally came across this website I presently manage 2 propfirm accounts all thanks to them for helping me through the challenge. I highly recommend anyone looking forward to pass his/her challenge

  17. Njike Cedric

    I highly recommend They passed my challenge both faces in less than a month

  18. Mbah blaise

    Best FTMO challenge trader so far very fast and reliable

  19. Chantal

    I recommend.

  20. Emmerencia

    Finally I got what I wanted my 100k challenge have been confirmed thanks once again

  21. Cats9080

    I recommend 100%

  22. Beng jude

    Thanks for your services πŸ’― satisfied

  23. Mark

    On time bro I love that⚑ am coming for with the 100k this week wait for me yeah

  24. Clinton

    Nice jobe u doing here I just got an email that my evaluation has been passed thanks once more bro

  25. Sambe

    I highly recommend the the level of risk management which was used in trading the account is amazing and the number of loss is very little I think about 7 trades out of 43 trades in total in a 200k acc ur win rates are amazing. am coming with my 5k account for account management bro you should add that service on here too. I recommend this service πŸ’―

  26. Lilian

    Nice job😊

  27. Nchinda

    Both faces passed in 3 weeks so impressive

  28. Emelia

    I recommend this site

  29. Emelda

    Good trader

  30. Blaise

    Am short of words, thanks once more I highly recommend

  31. Blink

    Good job

  32. Shaggy

    Excellent job FN

    • Pass FTMO Masters

      thanks for trusting us. please recomment to family and friends. ir was a pleasure helping you out and we look forward to more accounts

  33. Leonel

    Challenge done and dusted in 3 weeks both phases

    • Pass FTMO Masters

      thanks for trusting us. please recomment to family and friends. ir was a pleasure helping you out and we look forward to more accounts

  34. Jack movin’ USA

    I recommend

  35. Kodakfx

    A big thanks to FNFOREX for helping me passed my challenge. I recommend everyone to work with d team . 100% with risk management.

    • Pass FTMO Masters

      thanks for trusting us. please recomment to family and friends.

  36. Tabo stephnie

    My account just got submitted to me today guys am live nowπŸ˜ƒ

  37. Alberto GarcΓ­a


  38. Chakunte

    Today is good news Monday I just received my first split from my account and this is my first money gotten from forex trading πŸ™ thanks Bro

  39. Mohammad sani

    My challenge just got completed today face 2 I’m grateful Mr FN FOREX your services got me this and I look forward for a healthy profit split πŸ’―

  40. Gregory

    Good job over here πŸ‘ I’m now an investor of 100,000 dollars without even having an idea how the thing really works my account is in profit as of this time 😊

  41. Stephen

    I recommend this platform it’s legit I have tried already

  42. Dennis wreath

    After loosing several prop-firms I now have people who can trade for me try this site and get back to me using my email

  43. Collins Ndifon

    So cool I can’t believe this my account is already very profitable within such short notice

  44. Collins Ndifon

    Am loving this already profitable within no time My GODβ€οΈπŸ’―

  45. Lawrence Turner

    Struggle always pays I have Struggled alot and now is pay day he traded my 100k funded account and passed face 1 and 2 within 2 weeks and now today I made the first withdrawal my own part of the profit is $7k he dillivered as promised 15$ monthly πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  46. Fabrice N.

    Face 1down 1more challenge to go soon I will be profitable 😊😊I love this πŸ’―

  47. Mitchel perez

    Goodbye poverty 😒

  48. Robert phillip

    After several months thank God am here now πŸ™ am funded and actually doing nothing while they trade everyday for me. thanks boss

  49. Ali Ousmane

    Humm great day I am already profitable πŸ˜ŠπŸ“ˆ thanks FN ForexπŸ‘

  50. Jeremy

    Fast customer service And skilled traders I recommend πŸ‘Œ

  51. Salvador

    Investors vibe over here only guys my account is live now

  52. Isabel Nousa

    My best investment this 2023 I can’t ever regret thisπŸ™thanks FN Forex for making me 😘❀️

  53. Steve Raye

    If you want to realize profit in this thing go for the 100k funded accounts and above his profit target for a month is 15% am presently waiting for month profit spit, pay day feels like nothing else trust me

  54. Mariam kum

    I can’t believe how l feel right now and neither can my Joy be expressed by words all I can say is thanks FN Forex for lifting up to expectations

  55. Gerald Keith

    Account management profit is real I just got my first profit split from a proprietary firm not even my real money and I don’t even have an idea about trading

  56. Lanarkshire

    Great idea Mr FN. No more complaining how to get funded and who to manage your accounts you have it here grap the opportunity or leave it.

  57. Mr Scotland

    I recommend this service

  58. Joe Roger

    If you are a trader then this service is for you how you use it is up to you, if you are looking forward to investing in the forex market then this service is for you make use of it I recommend

  59. Justin-fx

    Am short of words all I can say is try this service I tried and my profit split is today πŸ‘Œ someone else recommended this site to me so am returning the favour, I recommend this platform to anyone in need of these kinds of services

  60. Douglas-fx

    I’m now funded

  61. Ryan FX academy

    May God bless the CEO of this platform, I’m now a millionaire in my country after my first profit split looking forward for the next by weekend πŸ˜€ monthly target just got hit today 15% as he promised. A couple of millions in my country, my first car coming soonπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  62. Ryan FX academy

    I recommend

  63. Kodak

    Great trader passed my ftmo phase1 and phase2 in just 2 weeks. am grateful

  64. MBAH

    I will rate him 5 ⭐ thanks for the great work . My MFF passed in 3 weeks and I now got my certificate thanks verification much sir

  65. Yummy

    You’re just the best FNFOREX thanks for completing my both phase1 and 2

  66. Benis

    Thanks FNFOREX. I will rate you 100% when it comes to risk management . Getting my live account soon. πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  67. Belinda

    God bless you FNFOREX . You paved the way for me. Can’t wait to get my first profit split

  68. Oliva

    Best prop-firm challenge passer

  69. Eva Charlote

    I am short of words but all you need to know is that they have professional traders who trades the account so nothing to fear about Forex trading itself has it cons qnd pros trust me just do your part qnd let them do theirs. Recommended

  70. Harper Camila

    This is what I have been looking for since the I heard about funded accounts and I know someone out there must be looking for this same opportunity. Its legit I have tried and am now funded.

  71. M. Williams

    Do business with these people, don’t miss out

    I paid $600 and my 200k account was validated

  72. Franco Derrick

    Someone else try and give me results maybe na me gat grace, both on face one and two no trades lost that means all blue no red, I have never send something like that both faces passed in 2 weeks.

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