Secrets of Fastest Payout Prop Firms

Unlocking the Secrets of Fastest Payout Prop Firms

Article Image For traders seeking rapid access to their hard-earned profits, a fastest payout prop firm can be an attractive option. These firms offer traders funded accounts, allowing them to trade with the firm’s capital while keeping a substantial portion of any profits generated. 1 Take Profit stands out as one such prop firm, providing traders with the opportunity to swiftly withdraw their earnings through a seamless payout process. 1

Weekly Payout Cycles

For traders seeking the fastest access to their hard-earned profits, weekly payout cycles offered by some proprietary trading firms can be an attractive option. According to industry insights, the fastest payout cycles in the prop firm space are weekly (7-day) payouts, where traders can request withdrawals just one week after their first trade. 2 Funding Traders stands out as one such firm that offers these rapid weekly payout cycles as the default option. 2

With Funding Traders, traders can leverage the 7-day payout cycle by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the prop firm’s evaluation process successfully.
  2. Sign the terms of service agreement.
  3. Purchase the 7-day payout time add-on.
  4. Request their first payout one week after executing their first trade. 2

The firm emphasizes that faster payout cycles like weekly or bi-weekly (every 14 days) options allow traders to access their profits sooner and maximize their trading potential without having to wait an entire month. 2 This flexibility can be particularly advantageous for active traders who seek to reinvest their earnings quickly or manage their personal finances more effectively.

In addition to Funding Traders, other top prop firms identified for offering weekly or near-weekly payout frequencies for their 100K 2-step evaluation accounts include:

Prop FirmPayout Frequency
Funding Pips5-day payout cycle
Maven5-day payout cycle
Traddoo7-day payout cycle
Funded Trading Plus7-day payout cycle
Smart Prop Trader12-day payout cycle

By offering these rapid payout cycles, these firms aim to provide traders with the opportunity to maximize their withdrawals, reduce personal risk, and stay consistently engaged in the markets. 4

Bi-Weekly Payout Cycles

For traders seeking even faster access to their profits, bi-weekly (14-day) payout cycles offered by some prop firms can be an attractive option. These payout cycles are often the default option, providing traders with the ability to withdraw their earnings every two weeks. 2 One such firm that stands out in this regard is FTMO, which offers on-demand payout options after just 14 days from a trader’s first trade. 3

Additionally, firms like Funding Traders incentivize traders by allowing them to accelerate their payout cycles to bi-weekly (14-day) payouts after being verified as a funded trader. 2 This not only facilitates quicker access to profits but also presents the opportunity for traders to qualify for quarterly account increases of up to 25% if they meet certain profitability milestones. 2

Here’s a quick overview of how bi-weekly payout cycles work at some of the top prop firms:

  1. FTMO: Offers on-demand payouts after 14 days from the first trade. 3
  2. Funding Traders: Traders can qualify for bi-weekly (14-day) payouts after being verified as a funded trader. 2
  3. Other Firms: Several firms, including Earn2Trade and MyForexFunds, also offer bi-weekly payout cycles as a standard option. 2

By providing these accelerated payout cycles, prop firms aim to cater to the needs of active traders who seek to reinvest their earnings quickly or manage their personal finances more effectively, without having to wait an entire month for their payouts. 2

Monthly Payout Cycles

While weekly and bi-weekly payout cycles offer traders the fastest access to their profits, some prop firms also provide monthly (30-day) payout options. 2 7 These monthly payouts, while slower than the 7-day and 14-day alternatives, can still be a viable choice for traders who prefer a more traditional payout schedule. 2

Prop firms like Funding Traders offer traders the flexibility to choose from various payout cycle options, including weekly (7-day), bi-weekly (14-day), and monthly (30-day) cycles. 2 This diversity in payout frequencies caters to the diverse needs and preferences of traders, allowing them to select the option that best aligns with their trading strategies and financial goals.

It’s worth noting that while monthly payouts may be an option, the cited sources suggest that faster payout cycles like weekly and bi-weekly are preferable, as they allow traders to “trade bigger, get paid faster, and leverage short wait times.” 2 This sentiment aligns with the overall theme of the article, which focuses on exploring the secrets of the fastest payout prop firms.

On-Demand Payout Options

For traders seeking the utmost flexibility and speed in accessing their profits, several proprietary trading firms offer enticing on-demand payout options. Funding Traders stands out in this regard, allowing traders to request payouts in less than 3 business days, either via bank transfer or cryptocurrency 2. Moreover, traders can accelerate their payout cycles by qualifying for Funding Traders’ premium plans, which offer 14-day bi-weekly payouts and the ability to scale their account size up to $2 million 2.

These firms cater to traders’ diverse preferences by providing a variety of withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets like Wise and Rise 3. Some notable firms offering on-demand payout options include:

  1. FunderPro (now offers daily payouts) 4
  2. InstantFunding (withdraw every 7 days) 4
  3. The Funded Trader Knights Program (withdraw every 7 days) 4
  4. My Forex Funds Accelerated Program (withdraw every 5 days) 4
  5. Bonus: The Funded Trader Kings Program, MyFundedFX VIP Program, and FXIFY (on-demand payments) 4

Smart Prop Trader is another firm that offers on-demand payout options for proprietary trading, boasting a 24-hour average payout process and having paid out a total of $4,367,073.47 so far 8. Traders can request payouts on-demand, with payouts processed after 12 days, and can choose their own Virtual Profit Split Day, which can be changed up to 3 times 8. The default payout ratio is 85:15 (trader:company), but this can be increased to 90:10 if traders meet the Scaling Plan conditions 8.

Payout Methods and Fees

When it comes to payout methods and fees, prop firms strive to offer traders a convenient and transparent experience. Payouts are typically processed within 24-48 hours, with some firms offering payouts within just a few hours 3. Minimum withdrawal amounts range from $25 to $100, with some firms like Earn a Trade allowing withdrawals of any amount over $100 3.

Firms are generally transparent about their payout processes, with clear communication on processing times and any potential delays 3. Payouts are often facilitated through various methods, including:

  1. Bank transfers
  2. Cryptocurrency wallets
  3. E-wallets (e.g., PayPal, Wise, Rise)

Prop firms often operate on a profit-sharing model, where traders receive a percentage of the profits they generate . This percentage can vary based on factors such as trading volume, profitability, and risk-adjusted returns, with high-performing traders receiving higher payout percentages .

Additionally, prop firms have risk management rules in place, such as daily loss limits and maximum drawdown limits, which traders must adhere to in order to maintain their eligibility for payouts . Some prop firms may charge desk fees or cover trading-related costs, such as market data fees and trading platform costs, which may be deducted from the trader’s payouts 10.


The world of proprietary trading firms presents a dynamic landscape for traders seeking rapid access to their hard-earned profits. As highlighted in this article, firms like Take Profit, Funding Traders, FTMO, and others offer enticing payout cycles ranging from weekly to bi-weekly options. These accelerated payout frequencies cater to the needs of active traders who seek to reinvest their earnings quickly or manage their personal finances more effectively.

Ultimately, the choice of a prop firm’s payout cycle depends on individual trader preferences and trading strategies. While weekly and bi-weekly payouts provide the fastest access to profits, monthly payouts may suit those seeking a more traditional schedule. Regardless of the payout frequency, these firms aim to provide traders with a transparent and convenient payout experience, facilitating seamless withdrawals through various methods and ensuring a fair profit-sharing model.

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